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Commercial, Residential & Industrial Solutions

Universal Fire Shield™ has been world's leader and the nation's largest provider of flame retardant spray, fire retardant applications and fireproofing products. We have been helping people overcome fire safety demands for over 20 years and providing the best available protective treatments for residential and industrial use. We continue to innovate and improve the quality of our products as well as provide more solutions for today's needs.

Finding the right product is important. Our company only creates the highest quality formulas flame retardant in the industry cultivated out of many years of producing, testing, and knowledge of application. That's why when you receive Universal Fire Shield™ chemical products you are given full documentation and a money back guaranty. When it comes to fire hazards, you don't want to be at a loss due to underrated products that don't ACTUALLY amount to the required fire codes. These code standards are put in place to help protect you, your family and property. Not all flame retardants are created equally and you should be cautious of the surplus of sub-par products claiming to perform as well as true flame retardants.

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Flame Retardants to Treat Specific Materials

Universal Fire Shield™ has created a full line of flame retardant applications to deal with as many situations as possible. When facing the many dangers of fire hazards, anything can become a fuel source, and we have got you covered. Wood, fabric (both natural & synthetic), wood shingles, thatch, dry grass, leather, paper and more can all be treated with our intumescent water-based formulas. We are the first and only company to provide UnifireX F-10™, a powerful fire-proof thermal coating that easily allows you to create a "2 hour rated" (and more) barrier for steel beams and other materials.

Universal Fire Shield® Takes Fireproofing to the Next Stage

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For many years, finding the right solution for 1 or 2 hour ratings has been limited to fire rated sheet rock and other thermal coatings that could barely make the mark. Even fire-rated sheet rock or gypsum board will breakdown at only 125° of sustained exposure! View the video example of how our new fireproofing thermal coating defies intensive heat for long stances of time. You will see the difference UnifireX F-10 makes pushing the boundaries of flame resistant applications.


Plane dropping flame retardant chemicals on wildfire

Today's Fire Ratings and Enforcment of Fire Codes are Essential

UFS products' core fundamentals have been founded on an intelligent formula that has been exceeding nationally fire rated codes every year, making Universal Fire Shield™ a number one choice by fire officials from coast to coast. Our focus is to help provide architects, contractors and designers with solutions to building and construction problems faced by an increasing demand for fire safety.

Our Products are Easy to Use and Cost Effective

Practically everything in and around your home or building can be treated by the same simple applications whether the threat exists inside or out. Take a look at our site to find the solution that's right for you. Learn more about the process of application at DIY Info page. All technical aspects of our products can be found on our Tech Sheets page. For all other questions please see our FAQ or feel free to Contacts Us. https://universalfireshield.com